The educational and outreach components of “Going Green at the Beach” (including the website, public relations, events, technical assistance, and more) are made possible by the generous support of our sponsors, who represent the best in design, construction, products, and professional services. We deeply appreciate their contributions to this project.

We are also grateful to the many other individuals whose skills and expertise have helped make this project a success:



Screens, Mouldings

Atlas Home Innovations carries two products lines, both of which provide many ‘green’ advantages as well as adding beauty and value to your home.  All our products are best-in-class and designed to last a lifetime. 

Disappearing Screen Doors:
Our retractable door screens, window screens, and motorized screens provide ventilation, while our awnings and solar screens passively cool your home without air conditioning.  The green benefits are:

  • Improved interior air quality
  • Significant reduction in electrical use
  • Product durability reduces landfill
  • We recycle all aluminum scraps
  • 4+ “Built Green” points – as specified by the MBA’s Built Green program

Designer Mouldings:
Our beautifully designed crown mouldings, fireplace surrounds, and other architectural mouldings are hand-crafted from Plaster of Paris in Bellevue, WA.  We have improved on traditional European manufacturing methods to provide a product that is much easier to install – our mouldings can be cut with a miter saw and nail gunned in place.  Plaster of Paris is inert and fire proof – it does not off-gas urea formaldehyde as do most MDF mouldings, and in the event of a fire there is no toxic smoke as with many polyurethane foam mouldings.
The green benefits are:

  • Saves trees!
  • Improved interior air quality over most MDF and polyurethane foam mouldings – particularly important in children’s bedrooms
  • Local production minimizes emissions during product transport
  • Production process leaves no bi-products and little waste
  • Product durability reduces landfill
  • Ease of installation minimizes use of labor and associated resources
  • 12+ “Built Green” points

Also, Plaster Mouldings do not expand or contract, or break down with humidity as do other moulding products.  Plaster mouldings retain flawless corners and seams for a lifetime.

(425) 450-0115


Geothermal Well Drilling

Boart Longyear Environmental and Infrastructure Drilling Services (E&I), provides drilling and exploration services for environmental, geotechnical, and construction applications throughout the world.  Using state-of-the-art equipment, we collect a wide variety of samples including rock, soil, and groundwater in addition to the construction of monitoring wells, water wells, geothermal heat loops and geotechnical instruments.  We complete these services to provide our clients with a compelling understanding of the earth’s subsurface in their efforts to build and rehabilitate the world’s infrastructure and remediation of the environment.

The Boart Longyear E&I family includes seventeen offices in the United States with over 500 employees.  In our US offices, we operate a variety of drilling equipment including, but not limited to, auger, mud-rotary, sonic, air-rotary, dual-rotary, direct-push, cable tool, coring and water-well service rigs.  Our drills are mounted on a variety of truck, all-terrain and skid carriers.

For the Going-Green-at-the-Beach project, Boart Longyear utilized a limited-access track-mounted sonic drill mobilized from our Seattle-area office to advance two boreholes to approximately 200 feet below the ground surface.  By using the sonic drill, we were able to quickly advance the borehole with a minimum of waste generation when compared to conventional drilling technologies.  Additionally, by using our limited-access sonic drill, we were able to set up our drill entirely within the footprint of the future garage.  This combination allowed us to both quickly complete the project while minimally disrupting the other site operations and nearby traffic.
We were pleased to be involved with the Going Green at the Beach project and look forward to continued growth of the heat-loop market in the Northwest.

(503) 288-5850


As one of the Northwest’s most established names in homebuilding, Chaffey Homes has been defining the standards of excellence in the industry for over 40 years. This family-owned company of passionate, dedicated builders has a reputation for exceptional style and innovation using the finest materials and the highest standards.

Every Chaffey home is unique and carefully built by the devoted hands of dedicated craftsmen who pride themselves on offering only the very best to more than 13,500 homeowners. 
Chaffey Homes specializes in master planned communities and single family homes across the Pacific Northwest and is constantly seeking new and exceptional land opportunities where we can build our next distinctive neighborhood or custom home. 
You can find our custom-built homes in exclusive locations, or we can build one of our stunning homes on your own home-site, like we did for the Built Green At the Beach concept, where the Porters personally commissioned Chaffey Homes to build their new home at Warm Beach.  Chaffey is quickly becoming a player in the “built green” arena, and is infusing this special home with their signature quality and beauty. 
(360) 336-2333

Structural Engineering

DCI Engineers (D’Amato Conversano, Inc.) provides civil and structural engineering services on new and remodel hospitality, residential, medical, governmental, industrial, educational, and commercial projects.  DCI Engineers also works with public agencies providing transportation, traffic, water, sewer, and stormwater solutions.  Our staff members’ experience and expertise enables the firm to produce economical designs – without compromising quality. 
DCI Engineers is committed to supporting clients in arriving at cost-effective design solutions which employ sustainable design practices.  In addition to working on Going Green at the Beach, DCI has also worked on the following projects: the University of Washington Science and Technology Building in Seattle, Washington (LEED® Gold), The Burnside Rocket in Portland, Oregon (LEED® Platinum) and five LEED® designed Pryde* Johnson mixed-use projects throughout Seattle.  As DCI continues to integrate green design, we encourage all of our civil and structural designers to become LEED® certified and learn more about how DCI can make a positive difference for the future of our environment.
Founded in 1988, DCI Engineers now employs more than 170 engineering, technical, and administrative staff in five offices.  Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, the firm also has offices in Spokane and Everett, Portland, Oregon, and San Diego, California.  DCI is licensed in all 50 United States, as well as in British Columbia.

(425) 827-2238

Finish Materials

Environmental Home Center (EHC) helped pioneer the green building industry and today is a leading supplier of green building materials in the northwest.  EHC offers stylish, durable and price competitive building and finish materials that are resource-efficient, energy-efficient or better for your health.  We sell to homeowners and building professionals through our showrooms in Seattle, Portland and Bend and operate a call center and web site that serve customers in all 50 states.  Products include: sustainably harvested wood flooring, cabinets, decking & framing material; countertops; low-toxic paints & finishes; wool & plant-fiber carpets; true linoleum; recycled glass tiles; insulation; and more.
There will be many EHC products going green at the beach including YOLO Colorhouse and American Pride paint, EcoTimber flooring, Vida Cork planks, American Clay Earth Plaster, Forbo Click Marmoleum and much more.                                                                                                                                                                                                     
(206) 315-1923                                                                                                    

Landscape Design and Installation

We strive to provide beautiful, functional landscapes while providing top quality service through effective management, proper communication and long-term relationships with our clients.
Frog On A Log Parks LLC is a design-build landscaping company; a service-oriented, professional team, who is committed to enhancing our society by focusing on the people’s needs and the environment, at the same time.
We are proud that we offer the highest possible quality in everything we do.
We design, build and maintain landscapes, waterscapes, hardscapes, irrigation and lighting systems, natural and built outdoor environments, small forests, parks, and orchards.
Our company provides customers with excellent service and our personal touch, at all times. We care enough to build a relationship with each of our clients; we look forward to the opportunity of getting to know our client’s needs and dreams about their gardens before we begin any design or other landscaping work. We consult with our clients continuously throughout the mission to make sure of their complete satisfaction. We develop a management plan and provide it to our clients for their future reference. We remain open and available to answer any questions and/or discuss a multitude of options throughout their project, regardless what stage of development we may be in. We will gladly communicate our professional ideas in accordance with the customer’s ideas and thoughts.
We are also an environmentally responsible company and we will only apply techniques or practices which we are totally convinced will merely have a positive effect on our environment. We base our work on the principals of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM works using prevention and cultural solutions, while treatment is used as the last resort because it seldom brings a long lasting solution to pest problems.  We support scholarships, research foundations, and internships.

Zsolt and Zsofia Pasztor are the co-owners and certified arborists, horticulturists, landscape designers, and installation and management specialists, board members for the Curriculum Advisory Board for the Horticultural Dept. of Edmonds Community College, for the Snohomish County Sustainable Development Task Force, and for the Western WA Built Green Conference Organizing Committee.

(425) 210-5541

Cupola Stairs

George’s Spiral Stairs has been building the world’s highest quality stair for over three decades.  In the past 26 years alone we have manufactured over 4500 stairways all over the world.  Each spiral is custombuild to specifications using only the finest materials in the world. Our spiral stairs are built flat in one piece then rolled into a spiral to achieve a fluid design that compliments any architecture.  our process gives you a stairway with no sharp edges or corners underneath, for added comfort and safety. It also facilitates easy installation and provides rigidity to eliminate the rattles and wobble commonly found in other stairs.    
(360) 387-4306                                                                                                                              

Architectural Design

GMS Architectural Group (GMS) is dedicated to quality design by innovation in design, detail, production and construction, and professional service.

Each project is personally led by one of our Principals. Our principals and staff have perfected the art of translating individual needs into profitable, award-winning designs. Creating new designs, variable elevations and floor plan concepts, and evaluating new materials produces the leading edge in innovative design. GMS' advanced computerization capabilities enable us to deliver cost effective architecture on time and on budget.

GMS combines quality design with high standards of service excellence. By building enduring relationships with our clients, working closely, and listening to their needs, we've established a strong base of satisfied clients. GMS is renowned for our overall capabilities of providing value-added, pre-development planning, client guidance, and comprehensive project management. We are one of a few Architectural firms in our region with the expertise to make the governmental approval process run smoothly and as swiftly as possible.

From Connecticut to the Washington / Oregon coast, Vancouver B.C. to St. John's Bay, Virgin Islands, GMS has gathered a range of ideas and experience to provide superior Architectural services; and is responsible for projects ranging in size from custom single-family homes to Master Planned communities exceeding 12,000 acres. We have been involved in the design and development of mixed-use and master planned commercial and residential projects over the last 22 years with well in excess of 225,000 total units and growing.

Our Architects (among the best in the industry), project managers, and technical staff contribute their exceptional talent and professionalism to each project. We're proud of the many innovations and accomplishments we've achieved together since 1985. We invite you to experience GMS’ Architectural design from a new and exceptional perspective.

 (425) 644-1446     

Plumbing Fixtures

Since 1873, Kohler Co. has been improving the lives of its customers with exceptional products and services for the home. The company's diverse product lines and powerful portfolio of brands lead the way in design, craftsmanship and innovation - knit together by uncompromising quality. Kohler offers a breadth of products across all price points, including kitchen and bath fixtures and faucets, furniture, cabinetry, tile and stone, and primary and backup power systems that meet a wide variety of needs. Kohler markets its kitchen and bath products under the brand names KOHLER®, STERLING®, Kallista®, Ann Sacks™, Robern® mirrored cabinets, and Canac® cabinetry. As the recognized industry leader and best known brand name in kitchen and bath design, Kohler offers its homebuilder customers design center assistance, merchandising expertise and world-class products to create a complete design solution.

The Cimarron Comfort Height 1.28 toilet with Class Five EcoSmart technology is engineered to provide significant water savings in residential and commercial settings.

Utilizing Tripoint™ technology, the Wellspring Touchless™ faucet provides hands-free cleanup for the kitchen environment. This hands-free faucet also offers a great water savings option for the kitchen.

(800) 421-9559

Interior Design

I am incredibly grateful for the progress we’ve made designing in this country – until I walk in full health, physically fit, up the front steps of any given house in America.  Four steps are about all my sweet mother-in-law can take, and even that is a struggle.  Not a single planner I talk with is unfamiliar with Universal Design, and it doesn’t take long for all of us to think of someone we know and love who requires better accessibility at home than what any of us currently have available. 

So why have we forgotten ourselves when we plan and design our housing?  Mostly, it’s about change – which is challenging and often costly, especially after all is said and done.  My most rewarding projects involve engaging discussions with architects, builders and planners, inspiring them before any plan hits paper to incorporate flexible, accessible solutions in the residences we’re designing together. 

Our most successful plans include flush thresholds from curb to main level, fully wired closets stacked one atop the other for affordable elevator installations later, food flow kitchen planning, healing rooms, curbless showers, and easily operable plumbing fixtures, switching, hardware and levers.  We’re committed to energy efficiency, reusable resources and responsible construction processes.

Once we’ve mastered these crucial elements, I dive into the part that makes each project so unique and exciting: defining you.  People hire me because they’ve learned through the grapevine that what I really care about more than any other thing is who you are and how you can best make use of the space you call home.  How do you want to live every day?  Who visits you?  How does what I create with you ultimately impact your family, your community, your city, the planet?  Accessibility, responsibility, personality - we’ll do the planning. You live it up.

(206) 226-7541


The Pacific Northwest is well known for leading the country in issues of environmental protection and healthy indoor air quality. Our new cabinet collections were first, and now lead the world, in available healthy and resource responsible materials and are currently shipping all over the US.

For the first time, you may plan a “green” building or remodeling project utilizing a standard cabinet line which features no added urea formaldehyde agriboard case and drawer material, low VOC water based glues/adhesives/finishes and available FSC certified solid lumber parts and veneers (SW-COC-096). The no/low off-gassing features of our cabinet collections are designed for today’s informed consumers who know and understand the importance of healthy indoor air quality and environmentally responsible building products.

For 40 years, Neil Kelly Cabinets has amassed a reputation for high quality, value and high styling. Since 1998, the new collections have featured the healthiest and friendliest materials available to compliment that reputation.  You do not have to sacrifice quality, value or style to have these cabinet collections in your buildings and homes. You can count on the continued craftsmanship and value pricing which have kept Neil Kelly Cabinets a long time favorite in the Pacific Northwest and now throughout the US.

(503) 335-9275

Project photography and website design

The professionals at Northwest Property Imaging, Inc., are your visual presentation experts, specializing in environmentally friendly digital media. From magazine-quality still photographs to multi-media displays, NWPI translates your goals into eye-catching results that inspire and motivate. In addition to serving leading homebuilders, remodeling contractors, real estate firms, and other businesses, NWPI is proud to be the Official Photographer of the 2007 Seattle Street of Dreams and of green showcase projects including the Built Green Home at Suncadia, Going Green at the Beach, the Puyallup Tribe’s Elder Healthy Home, and the Zero Energy Idea House at Bass Cove.

NWPI offers a complete array of services to meet your needs, including:

  1. Still photography for all your print and digital materials;
  2. Virtual tours that draw viewers into your scenes;
  3. Videography to captures your important moments;
  4. PowerPoint presentations that captivate your audiences;
  5. Web design and hosting to share your message with the world.

Joe Bianco 206-225-9463

KitchenAid Appliances

Whirlpool Corporation is the Global Leader in green initiatives for appliances.  Whirlpool builds more Energy Star Appliances than any other manufacturer in the world.  For more then 30 years we’ve shown our commitment to preserving natural resources; in 1970 we created a corporate office for environmental control. 

In 2003 we became the first appliance manufacturer to announce a global greenhouse gas reduction strategy. We’ve won ENERGY STAR ® Partner of the Year Awards every year of its existence, including the 2006 and 2007 awards for Sustained Excellence.

For nearly a decade, Whirlpool Corporation has integrated ENERGY STAR® into every segment of its appliance business, we continue to design, market and produce a full line of nearly 600 ENERGY STAR®-qualified appliances under our broad family of brand names that include Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Amana and JennAir.  Whirlpool brand’s Duet® line is hailed for starting a laundry appliance eco-efficiency trend; the latest Duet HT® washer & Dryer utilize steam and can save up to 70% more water and energy than a typical standard pair of laundry.*

We partner with a broad and powerful range of organizations that includes the EPA, USGBC/LEED, NAHB, and Habitat for Humanity because we are committed to making a sustainable difference in our world. 

Whirlpool understands consumers want green innovations -- not just a product that claims green.  This means products that can change how they live and are sensitive to the energy they consume, the air they impact, and the water saved. 

We are proud to continue our support of Green Building in the Seattle area through this latest outstanding effort, “Going Green at the Beach”, owned by David and Anna Porter.  Their home is a true model for new construction/remodel by utilizing industry cooperation to produce the most livable and environmentally - aware home of its kind.

Come see the wonderful appliances they have chosen and you will understand that at Whirlpool we offer more then a green tag line…We are leading the movement.


Solar Inverter

OutBack Power Systems, Inc. is a global designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge power conversion solutions that provide reliable electric power for renewable energy and back-up power. With decades of power conversion electronics design as well as equipment installation experience, we share a passion for leading the industry into a new era of performance, ease-of-use, and standardization. OutBack Power Systems is a privately held corporation located in Arlington, WA USA with a European sales office in Barcelona, Spain.

(360) 435-6030

Green Roof Design and Installation

Selected to perform the green roof portion of the project, Triad Associates’ landscape architect, David Hilgers, went on his own sustainable treasure hunt. First researching and selecting the roof system for the project. Then contacting the supplier, locating and purchasing surplus components from another user, and working with Cedar Grove in Everett to pickup, store and care for the components while waiting for construction.

The modular, GreenGrid® roof system will cover approximately 364 square feet over a bathroom addition and porch. Each 2’x2’ grid measures 4” deep and weighs about 50lbs when filled with soil and plant material. Chosen for ease of installation and long term roof maintenance, the modules can be removed when roof repair/maintenance is required, and then put back in place after the work has been completed. These panels will contain a lightweight soil mix specifically designed for green roof applications. The plant types will be a mix of drought tolerant sedums, fescue, and lavender, which will all perform well and aesthetically add to the “roofscape.”

(425) 821-8448


Project sponsorship, marketing, PR, and website content

Green Dog Enterprises, Inc., is a consulting firm devoted to promoting green building practices and helping businesses succeed in the green building market. In addition to helping homebuilders throughout the Puget Sound achieve green certifications for their projects, Green Dog specializes in showcasing green practices through demonstration projects including the Built Green Home at Suncadia, Going Green at the Beach, the Puyallup Tribe’s Elder Healthy Home, and the Zero Energy Idea House at Bass Cove, Western Washington’s first zero net energy home.

Green Dog’s services include:

  1. Green demonstration projects: Sponsorship development, educational programming, and marketing management for residential green demonstration projects;
  2. Project certification: Third-party verification and consulting to certify homes to the Built Green™ and ENERGY STAR® Homes programs, plus assistance in qualifying for applicable grants, incentives, and rebates;
  3. Green building education & consulting:  Group presentations and private consulting to help builders, homeowners, and others understand the pros, cons, and how-tos of the dizzying array of green building options.

(206) 883-6688


Heat Pump



Chosen for the “Going Green at the Beach” project, The Icynene Insulation System® will help to upgrade this 100-year-old beachfront house into an energy-efficient, environmentally responsible home.

Icynene® soft foam insulation and air barrier system is great for new or existing homes. When sprayed into walls, ceilings, floors and attics, Icynene® softly expands to fill every nook and cranny. It minimizes air leaks and energy loss, saving homeowners up to 50% in heating and cooling costs every month. By sealing the home, Icynene® also delivers advanced moisture management and blocks the intrusion of outdoor allergens and pollutants, improving indoor air quality.

Adding a little “green” to home building and improvement projects is easy when insulating with Icynene®. The material is 100% water-blown and does not emit harmful gases in its cured form, whereas other insulation can continue to off-gas over time. Not only would these harmful emissions compromise indoor air quality, but they can also diminish the insulation’s rated R-value.


Sustainable Landscape Design

Working closely with Frog On A Log Parks, Otak developed some simple approaches to landscaping in a sustainable manner to craft outdoor living spaces that are functional, beautiful and environmentally-friendly. Productive plantings have been incorporated into the site for both aesthetics and food value. Runoff water from the roof of the house is captured in a cistern below an outdoor deck. It is used first to maintain the landscape before utilizing the efficient drip irrigation system. Porous paving allows water to infiltrate through the soil into the groundwater and allows the walking paths to be placed without concern for runoff drainage. All surfaces outside the building footprint are designed to be pervious. The native and regionally adapted plants require less water and maintenance, and are naturally pest-resistant so can flourish without the use of harmful chemicals. In addition, all garden elements are locally sourced and made from sustainable materials.

(206) 442-1361                                                                                                                                 

Architectural Finishes

VC Studio Inc. is a full spectrum installer of architectural finishes. This is an artistic operation using various materials, such as concrete and plaster, as its mediums - as opposed to a contractor trying to achieve an artistic application. Creativity, product knowledge, skill, and experience all must come together for a successful project.
VC Studio can create beautiful and unique finishes for floors, walls and ceilings, counter tops, shower enclosures, and more. Various finishes range from stained concrete and micro-toppings, to traditional European and modern plasters, to faux finishes. With an in-depth understanding of color theory and design along with extensive product knowledge and experience in the field, VC Studio can provide all your architectural finishing needs.
VC Studio services both residential and commercial projects from small to large. Our list of available "green" products is growing all the time.  If you are planning a project or just have questions feel free to call or email anytime.

(206) 200-3546

Pervious Concrete Storm Water System

PCI Pervious Concrete, Inc. is the Northwest's leading installer of pervious concrete and associated storm water retention systems.

Pervious concrete is a special type of concrete through which water can flow. When installed over a bed of crushed rock, storm water from the site runs down through the streets, driveways, and sidewalks where it is stored in the crushed rock area until it permeates through the soil below back into the natural aquifer.

PCI accomplishments:

  1. Communities: PCI won the WACA award for Excellence in Concrete Construction in 2006 in the Sustainable Merit Category. The award was for installing a complete pervious concrete storm water system to handle an entire community's storm water. This is the first and largest community in the Northwest to employ a pervious concrete system.
  2. Municipalities: PCI has installed pervious concrete for several municipalities in the Northwest.
  3. Homes : PCI has installed previous concrete driveways for numerous private residences, making permitting possible, and protecting the environment.
  4. Certified Installers: PCI's installers are NRMCA certified. Installer Certification is a critical factor in assuring this product is installed correctly.

See a video about how pervious concrete works at our web site:

Pervious concrete is a powerful technology. It protects the environment and makes permits possible. It should only be installed by a quality professional.

Craig Morrison 425-359-1000
Michael Bledsoe 206-940-8900

Solar Inverter            







AAA Kartak Glass & Closet

Mutual Materials

Re-Use Consulting

The Built Green Home at Suncadia



American Community Energy

Panasonic Ventilating Fans


Shakti Shoji

Sustainable Development Task Force

Northwest Fine Furnishings

Organized Spaces


Cedar Grove Composting

Dupont Tyvek

Galvin Flying Service


Bailey Sales &Associates

Hunter Fans


E-Lite Technologies Inc.

Hide A Door

Dek Drain


Bilinear Art

First Impresssions Tile and Concrete

Custom Fitness Systems

Cascadia Forest Goods

Spa Doctor

Atrium Shade Company & Phifer



Alistair Jackson, O'Brien & Company

Bob Nieman, Specialized Homes

Brenda Nunes, Associated Earth Sciences

Bruce Woodstrom & Al Doyle, Fusion Partners

Carol O'dahl, ESP Services/Environmental Home Center

Craig Thorpe, J. Craig Thorpe Illustration

Dan Wildenhaus, Atmosphere

David Manning, Triad Associates

Deanna Carveth, Snohomish County

Edward Etherington, Sea-Tac Occupational Skills Center

Gerard Maloney, EarthHeat

Grey Lundberg, CMI Homes

Jim Barger, Greenleaf Construction

Joanie Parsons, Parsons Public Relations

Joe Coakley, Port Blakely Communities

John Cross, Warm Beach Neighbor/Photographer

Kelsey Hulse, Athena Institute

Ken Moser, Warm Beach Neighbor/Snohomish County Solid Waste (retired)

Larry Ritter

Lee Kuhl, Northwest Energy Star Homes

Martha Rose, Martha Rose Construction

Mattie Porter, Photographer

Michael Lane, Seattle City Light

Patti Southard, King County Green Building Program

Paul Glosniak, Bennett Homes

Ralph & Regina Flores, Animals in Need

Robin Rogers, Otak

Sue Shields, Sea-Tac Occupational Skills Center

Talisa Westphal, Design Services

Tom Balderston, Conservation Services Group

Tom Eykmann, Eye Comma Design

Vicki Pardee, Pardee Sales

Larry Ritter

Warm Beach Community Church

Water Saver Technology

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