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Green Living Tips from the Porters’ 'Recycled’ Dog', Skipper,
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“Going Green at the Beach” set a record by meeting the requirements of these residential green building certification programs active in this area:
-     Built Green™ Five-Star
-     ENERGY STAR® Home
-     American Lung Association Health House®
-     Environments for Living®
-     LEED® for Homes Gold

In meeting the requirements of those programs, the “Going Green at the Beach” house highlights products and systems relating to all aspects of green building. The following is a list of just some of the home’s many green features. Check back as we add information to this site about which specific products were used, why they were chosen, and how they are implemented in the home.

Reference Guide

Energy Efficiency
-     1.2 KW photovoltaic solar system (American Community Energy & Outback)
-     Geothermal heat: Geothermal heat pump (Hydron) The wells for the system were drilled
      by Boart Longyear using sonic drilling technology.
-     High efficiency windows (Milgard)
-     Awning to reduce sun exposure (Atlas)
-     Natural light
-     Advanced framing (DCI Engineers)
-     ENERGY STAR® appliances (Whirlpool/KitchenAid)
-     Compact fluorescent lights (Rejuvenation)
-     Radiant floor heating system (Warmboard)
-     Passive solar
-     Spray-foam insulation and air barrier (Icynene)
-     Heat recovery ventilator (Lifebreath)

Water Conservation
-     Dual flush toilets (Kohler)
-     Low-flow showerheads and faucets
-     Rainwater collection system
-     Tankless hot water with recirculation system (Rinnai)
-     Drip irrigation
-     Drought-tolerant lanscaping (Frog on a Log Parks & Otak)
-     Water-saving front-loading clothes washer (Whirlpool)
-     Water-saving drawer dishwasher (Whirlpool)

Reused Materials
-     Deconstruction of original structure (80% of material diverted from landfill)
      (Re-Use Consulting)
-     Salvage and reuse of doors, cabinets, and other items from original structure
-     Wine racks made from salvaged decking from original structure

Sustainably Produced and Durable Materials
-     FSC certified wood products
-     Recycled glass tile
-     Cork flooring produced from leftover material from wine cork production (EcoHaus)
-     Original artwork made by local artisans from owners’ collection of found beach glass       (Acappella Design & Russ Morgan)
-     50-year siding
-     40-year metal roof (Custom Bilt Metals)
-     Locally manufactured materials when possible
-     Sustainably produced materials
-     Fireplace façade made from local stone

Healthy Indoor Air
-     Low VOC paint (EcoHaus)
-     Nontoxic finishes on flooring and cabinetry
-     Formaldehyde-free insulation (Icynene)
-     Minimal use of adhesives
-     Formaldehyde-free cabinets (Neil Kelly Cabinet)
-     Operable windows
-     No carpet
-     Efficient ventilation
-     ENERGY STAR® ventilation fans (Panasonic Fans)
-     Heat recovery ventilator (Lifebreath)

Efficient Use of Space
-     Modest-sized home on a small lot (GMS Architectural Group)
-     Home rebuilt on footprint of original structure (Chaffey Homes)
-     Multiple-use rooms
-     Built-in bookcases
-     Guest retreat
-     Universal Design features to allow for use by individuals with disabilities

Low Impact Site Development and Natural Landscaping
-     Use of compost for stormwater management (Cedar Grove Composting)
-     Jobsite recycling
-     Vegetated “green” roof segments for energy and stormwater management
      (Triad Associates)
-     An “insectory” designed to attract beneficial insects
-     Edible landscaping (Frog on a Log Parks)
-     Drought tolerant plant selections (Otak)
-     Pervious paving material (Pervious Concrete & Mutual Materials)



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