What new at the beach?

Find out what the developers of Going Green at the Beach are up to now! Marc & Maria Colon have expanded their business, Colon include more educational opportunities for professionals in the building/real estate trades and increasing their services as a marketing and sales resource providing business performance assessments and best practice recommendations.

Completed in October, 2007, “Going Green at the Beach” continues to attract widespread attention from the media, the building industry, and the public. As of January, 2013, more than 38,000 unique visitors have browsed the information on the website, more than 3,000 people have toured the home, and the project has been featured in more than a dozen publications, including Natural HomeSmart HomeOwner, and Environmental Design + Construction. It has also been filmed for the TV show “Renovation Nation,” launching in mid-2008 on the new national cable channel, Planet Green.

The Going Green at the Beach team would like to thank all who have worked to make this project such a success, especially the many firms whose generous sponsorship made the educational programming possible. We encourage you to continue to visit this site for updates, including a link to the homeowners’ blog which will report on the performance of the products and systems used in the house.

See you at the beach!

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