What makes it green?

The main reason I decided to get a house on the beach was because of the view. Life at the beach is usually calm with the occasional waves that ensure good relaxation. Owning property on the beach comes with its responsibilities to not adversely affect the surroundings that many from afar travel to experience. As part of my personal goals, an environmentally friendly beach house would be ideal to complement the fresh air that surrounds the home.

To make the house more green would require less use of electricity and allow for natural lighting of the sun. This involves reducing the number of walls inside and making use of large windows and glass doors. This would lessen electricity usage. The sun rays would lighten up the room in the morning to the sound of the waves. On nights with a full moon, the moonlight rays will beam in through all directions.
I will install glazed doors and windows to ensure efficient use of energy. The glass has a thin coating that prevents unwanted heat from being absorbed. The beach can at times have a high temperature with a scorching sun outside. Adopting louvre windows and shutters to avoid air conditioning would allow me to enjoy the view from my house. The windows and shutters allow the cool breeze inside the house when opened.
Harnessing the sun’s power to install an array of solar panels would significantly reduce the recurrent energy cost while being eco-friendly. Solar panels transfer the solar energy from the sun to its inverters to convert to the alternating current. Additionally, the solar panels are collectors in a solar water heating system. The panels collect heat from the sun and heat the water in a hot water cylinder. This allows efficiencies in energy costs through renewable sources of energy. Installation of solar panels may have a high initial cost, but the benefits realized over time are worth every coin.
A beach house ought to have a garden full of plants that thrive than those that struggle to survive. It is for relaxing while being surrounded by silvery foliage, beautiful flowers, and green plants. I can sustain the garden through the use of seaweeds as compost. It comes as a surprise that sea weed makes for great compost while being consistent over time. It builds soil rich in nutrients and is a good practice for organic gardening. Organic waste from my daily activities would constitute the compost. In addition to mulching, I will grow sustainable plants that would thrive in the beach climate. The rosemary herb is a popular plant due to its wonderful smell that releases its fragrance when the wind blows. It is evergreen and adds to the view.
In conclusion, having the house to be greener would have many benefits. The value of the property would increase. Besides, there would be energy savings, especially from the use of solar energy. I can have hot water at a more affordable cost. I would have played my part in reducing the environmental pollution. The view I would experience from the comfort of my house would be as rewarding.

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